About Us


Christ the Redeemer seeks to help people love God with their whole lives and to express Christ’s light to their community. The core values of loving God, yielding our life to Him, and sharing His light, guide us in our discipleship and mission. We experience these values by being anchored in scripture, praying together, experiencing channels of grace, living out historic practices, and serving people.


Our mission is to know the Redeemer and share His redemption.



Christ the Redeemer seeks to gather and grow in our love for God. We want to have opportunities in our weekly gathering for prayer, praise, confession, and reception of the sacraments. It is our goal that our love for Christ will provoke us to love our families, neighbors, and region as He does.


Christ the Redeemer is calling for a wholehearted response to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We desire to proclaim and teach that Christ is Savior and Lord of every area of our lives. We are rooted in the good news of Jesus Christ. We endeavor to be disciples who follow the Savior, deny ourselves, and carry our cross in everyday life.


The love of God and the command of Christ is that we be His light to our world. As a community of faith, we pursue the presence of God and seek to be His hands and feet to our neighbors. We start in our home by being a light to those who are closest to us. We then pray and respond to Christ’s call to be His light in our neighborhoods, work places, and outreach opportunities.


Scripture Focused

Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Mt 4:4, ESV). Christ the Redeemer believes that the scriptures are paramount and we center our lives and worship on it.

Historic Traditions

A fire must have a fireplace in order for its potential to be realized. The historic traditions and practices provide a fireplace for the fire of our love and devotion to God. We are Christians who worship in the Anglican tradition as expressed in the three creeds and the 2019 Book of Common Prayer.

Passion For Prayer

Anglicans are a praying people. We pray what we believe and we believe what we pray. At Christ the Redeemer, we have a passion for prayer and desire to incorporate it in every area of our lives.

Family Integrated Worship

Christ the Redeemer is a family integrated church with broad participation. The young, middle aged, and senior are called to exalt the Triune God together and we worship as one large family, children and adults together. We want to foster a family mentality in our church and it requires the efforts of all ages to offer God’s grace to our community. Young and old, married and single, can all find their place as we devote ourselves to God’s word and table.